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Types of epidemiology

Types Of Epidemiology

The epidemiological studies are broadly divided into two types. The first is the observational studies and second is experimental studies. 1. Observational studies In observational studies we do not interfere in the process. Observational studies evaluate the disease and associated factors without having any active control on the patient’s actual conditions and exposures. Observational studies …

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Introduction to Epidemiology in health economics


What is Epidemiology? Epidemiology is a branch of medical science that systematically investigates the distribution (pattern or frequency) and determinants (risk factors, causes, etc) of any disease or any health-related states and events in a definite population. Epidemiology word is originated from following Greek root words: Epi: “upon” or “about” Demos: “people” Logos: “study” Epidemiology …

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